What are the Most Common Furnace Repairs?

A furnace is designed to have a long and serviceable life. Sometimes there are chances that your furnace won’t work properly, and you would be required to repair it. Most furnace issues require simple solutions that you can do by yourself. Some issues may require professional help too. Instead of freezing in the cold, call heating service Encinitas to repair or replace your damaged furnace. A faulty furnace will only cause you problems. Instead of letting your furnace destroy your winters, schedule a visit with heating contractors vista to get the best services quickly. Some problems happen often, and they can impact the overall quality of your furnace.

      1. Clogged air filter
        The most common problem of a faulty furnace lies with air filters. Furnace deals with the air in your house and uses a filter to clean the air. With time, the filter gets clogged with large amounts of dirt, dust, and other particles. It debilitates the ability of filters to clean the air. And leads to poor air quality, and your furnace may not produce enough heat.

      2. Tripped breakers
        If the breakers stop or if some switches are flipped, then your furnace encounters problems. Tripped breakers can cause a variety of problems for you. It is suggested that you should frequently check the breakers and call a professional in case there is an issue.

      3. Ignition
        If your electric ignition or pilot has debris, it will not work properly, and the whole furnace will stop the regular functions.

      4. Noisy furnace
        If the furnace rumbles or squeaks, it is not normal. These sounds indicate a mechanical problem or a clogged burner.
        You can solve the problems outlined above. It would help if you made sure the gas was kept on and frequently checked the thermostat. In case of the breakers malfunction:
        • Reset the breakers.
        • Clean the filter frequently and replace it every three to four months.
        • Oil the furnace so that it can work properly.
        • Check the flames and burner and clean the furnace frequently.

          Some issues can be very serious. In such situations, you need to call a professional to ensure everything and everyone stays safe.

      5. Ignition repair
        A furnace can cause major problems if it is not repaired properly. If your ignition makes some noises and does not give heat, it is advised to call a professional because these situations require the expertise of a pro.

      6. Gas Leaks
        Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and smell like sulfur. You may hear a hissing sound. Immediately call an expert technician if you suspect a gas leak.

      7. Maintenance check
        The best way to prevent problems is to schedule regular maintenance checks for your furnace. Get your system checked by a technician every year. A trained technician ensures the system continues to work at its best.

      8. Complete replacement of furnace
        If your furnace is very old or causes trouble very often, it would be best for you to replace your system. Trained technicians can only do it.
        When your furnace causes problems and repairs seem impossible, never hesitate to call a professional. Precision Air Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning experts know what to do. Give me a call at (760)203-6700 or visit the website.
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