Ways to Clean Your AC Condenser Coils

During the hot months of the year, you’re likely to rely heavily on an air conditioner, whether it’s for chilling your room or the entire house, without considering what makes it tick. The AC condenser coils are responsible for the magic. As air flows over the cool refrigerant, heat is wicked off in a process similar to how your forced air furnace works.

Why is it Required to Clean The Coil?

The cleaner the surface area of those coils is, the more effective the machine is. Dust and oil build up over time, forming a blanket over the coils that obstruct heat transfer and make your air conditioner less efficient and expensive. Experts like Encinitas air conditioning repair say that the most challenging aspect is remembering to clean air conditioner coils annually. 

How Do You Clean the Condenser Coils on an Air Conditioner?

Remove The Outer Case

Remove the bolts that connect the lid to the remainder of the condenser. Experts like Encinitas air conditioning repair advise caution so as not to stretch or damage any wires if your air conditioner’s fan assembly is located at the top of the unit. 

Examine The Coils

To begin, visually inspect the coils for any apparent damage. We recommend contacting a local air conditioning specialist like air conditioning repair in Encinitas for assistance if you see any severe damage.

Using a Coil Brush, Remove Any Debris

After inspecting the coils, remove any damaged aluminum fins and any leaves, dirt, or dead insects that have gotten inside the unit with a small broom or hand brush. This aids in improving ventilation and cooling.

Using a Fin Comb, Straighten The Coil Fins

The coil fins of the condenser can bend over time. Straighten them out with an adjustable fin comb. Its thin, bendable prongs make it an ideal and affordable tool for straightening fins and removing debris between tight gaps.

Coat the Coils With Coil Cleaner

Use a hose to moisten the coils to remove any remaining debris gently. Then, spray a generous amount of foaming coil cleaning onto the coils. You can also take professional help like AC repair Encinitas.

Water Should be Used to Remove the Coil Cleaner

After allowing the coil cleaner to sit for five to ten minutes, gently rinse it away with water. To avoid bending the fins, whack them straight on in a gentle back and forth stroke.

Clean the Evaporator Coils with Water and Mild Detergents

The coils can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water before calling pros like AC repair Encinitas. Allow a few seconds for the solution to soak in and release particles. As needed, reapply. With a soft cloth or brush, remove any loose debris

Using Industrial Cleaners to Clean AC Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils can also be cleaned with various professional cleansers from multiple brands. The most significant is a foaming kind that deteriorates and drains the unit’s drainage system.

Precision Air Inc. is a company that specializes in heating, air conditioning, and IAQ. Contact us now for additional information on cleaning AC evaporator coils or arranging expert maintenance to clean your home or office cooling system. To arrange an appointment for air conditioning repair in Encinitas, call us at 760-389-3353 or send us an email here.

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