Spring or Fall, When is The Best Time to Service Your AC Unit?

Avoiding annual AC service is a big mistake that can later trap you with a malfunctioning air conditioner and expensive repairs. The AC is a machine that cannot work efficiently without maintenance and not getting your AC serviced may be the reason for all these troubles.

Are you struggling with the below-mentioned AC problems?

  • Poor odor
  • Disturbing noises 
  • Excessive utility bills 
  • Undesirable airflow 
  • Bad indoor air quality 
  • Frequent repairs 

Annual air conditioning service in Vista is a must for AC maintenance. With annual AC servicing, you will get to know the internal or external AC damage before things get too late. Precision Air Inc. will help you choose the ideal time to service the air conditioner.

1. It's The Time to Service Your AC System

The air conditioner will be in continuous use during summer. Whether day or night, air conditioning systems in Vista hardly get any rest during the three months long.

This is why it is important to prepare your AC for the summer season before the arrival of the summer and before summer comes spring. Hence, spring is the most suitable time for AC services.

When you live in one big family, or your air conditioner bears heavy rainfall and temperature changes, it can wear out with time. Thus, getting it serviced once the summer ends is essential to fix all the damage caused by continuous use.

Therefore, fall is another best time of the year for AC service. One can opt for servicing only once a year during the spring season but twice a year servicing will be more helpful in keeping the AC in better condition. 

2. Why is Annual AC Service Necessary?

Annual AC service is necessary because it lets you know the AC faults before using it. It allows you to fix minor faults before they become severe damage. Also, when you get your AC inspected during spring, you can enjoy a trouble-free summer as you will not have to spend hot scorching summer days looking for AC repair technicians. 

Some internal AC faults show after effects late; till then, the problem can even become irreparable. A serviced AC helps you save money on expensive repairs and high electricity bills. 

Moreover, ignoring the yearly Vista air conditioning service can even result in AC replacement. Therefore, one should schedule annual AC servicing to prevent unexpected repairs or AC replacement.

Briefly, the advantages of air conditioner service are:

  • It never lets power bills exceed your budget. 
  • Hassle-free operation. 
  • No disturbing noise and smell. 
  • Another decade of impressive airflow.


Precision air INC. is a certified and experienced HVAC company, and we suggest you never skip annual air conditioning services in Vista to get effective cooling throughout the summer. We provide solutions for all the HVAC systems of commercial and residential properties in San Diego, La Mesa, La Presa, Vista, CA, and surrounding areas. 

We are known for our excellent service quality, dedication, quick response, affordable pricing, and long-lasting solutions. Call us or book our services by sending us an SMS.

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