Is A More Expensive HVAC Filter Better?

HVAC Air Purifiers

Whole-house air purifiers are becoming an increasingly popular component of the heating and cooling systems in many homes. Wondering why? Check out the benefits below!

Fewer allergy symptoms

Unlike standard air filters, whole-house air purifiers can catch potential allergens down to .3 microns in size, removing up to 99.97 percent of particles from the filtered air.

Compact size

Whole-house air purifiers are conveniently installed within the HVAC air handler system, eliminating the unsightly portable units in different rooms throughout the house.


Whole-house air purifiers save you the expense of having to purchase both air purifier filters and HVAC filters.

Less Noise

Because whole-house air purifiers eliminate the noise associated with some portable units, they are able to create a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment with little noise.

Low Maintenance

While standard HVAC filters must be changed at least every 90 days, whole-house air purifiers last 3 to 5 years with little to no maintenance. And these units can be incorporated into your existing HVAC system.

Keeping your eyes and ears open for warning signs can prevent that scenario where the system quits in the middle of night or for businesses, during work hours on the coldest or hottest day of the year,” said Stephen Diefenderfer, president of Precision Air Inc., a leading HVAC serving company in Encinitas. “Simple maintenance during the year will prevent this problem from occuring and keep your home or business warm during the cold winter weather, and cool during the hot summer weather.

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Is A More Expensive HVAC Filter Better?
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