Is Central Air Conditioner Worth Installing?

Many of us use air conditioning during the summer. Central air conditioning will alter your way of living making your indoor comfort levels far more enjoyable. Depending on the size and complexity, anticipate spending between $6,000 and $15,000 if you consider upgrading to central air. Contact Precision Air in Encinitas for air conditioning repair and more details and offers.

Along with adding 10% to the value of your home, there are many other advantages to installing AC:

The Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

    • Year-Round Consistency of Temperature

Central air conditioning is the best approach to ensure every room in your house is consistently cool. The main advantage of this kind of AC system is its constant temperature year-round, wherever you go in your home. Homeowners purchase this air conditioning because of the hot summers, which is ultimately a wise decision.

  • Reliability

Homeowners frequently only need a dependable cooling system to maintain comfort inside. For the sweltering summer months, a central air conditioner can be the ideal option. Compared to a ductless system or a heat pump, these devices are excellent, and our skilled HVAC technicians from Precision Air can service them and provide trustworthy AC repair in Encinitas.

  • Filtered air

In a central air conditioning system, the air is often filtered as it circulates through the ducting. As a result, your home’s air quality will improve, and fewer allergens and potentially dangerous gasses will be distributed throughout the various rooms.

The filters will also decrease the humidity levels if you reside in a warm, humid area. This guarantees that your house maintains a suitable temperature independent of the indoor and outside humidity levels and requires less frequent air conditioning repair in Encinitas.

  • Affordability

Central air conditioners are the least expensive air conditioning systems to chill an entire house. You could undoubtedly bring several portable air conditioners inside your property, but doing so would drain the electricity supply and be expensive.

According to AC repair in Encinitas experts, homeowners will continue to prefer central air conditioners as the most cost-effective option as long as this continues to be the case.

  • High Performance

Although people don’t frequently equate central air conditioners with excellent efficiency, they are becoming increasingly effective at chilling houses without using a lot of energy with each passing year and introducing new central AC models.

According to air conditioning repair in Encinitas experts, modern central air conditioners could have an astronomically high SEER rating in the mid-20s compared to the more traditional units that people frequently imagine.

  • Programmable Thermostat

Today, every central air conditioning system on the market has a programmable thermostat, making it a “smart” system. This particular sort of air conditioning has a wide range of advantages.

The ability to set the temperature on a timer rather than manually adjusting it is one of the most significant advantages that merits repeating. To save the cost of cooling the house, you can program the thermostat to turn on and off at specific times when no one is home.


Need some assistance narrowing down your options? Give our skilled and trained team of professionals a call if this is the case. Precision Air Inc. offers a wide range of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services that best meet your needs. Contact us immediately for your free estimate for Encinitas air conditioning repair at 760-389-3353 or drop us a mail here.

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