How To Troubleshoot a Furnace?

With the winter just around the corner, all homeowners will be keen to rev up their furnaces. After all, these heating systems keep you toasty in the frosty weather. There is a high chance you will encounter an issue with your furnace a few days into winter. You did not check on it for a long time, so they need a service. Still, knowing how to troubleshoot the furnace can be very helpful for you. You can contact a professional from Encinitas heating repair in case of a severe issue.

Given below are a few things you need to check when your furnace has troubles with starting.

  1. Electrical panel and power switch
    Many-a-times, the problem with a furnace is that it won’t start. The first thing you might want to check is the furnace switch. Sometimes the circuit breaker could have tripped due to high voltage. So, make sure that all the necessary switches are flipped on. If you find the circuit breaker is down, turn it off completely, then switch it on.
    Another reason for this trouble could also be a busted fuse. Replace the old one with an identical new one and get your unit started up. If the problem persists, you will need to get in touch with a heating contractor in Vista.
  2. Air filter
    The next thing you should check is the air filters. Over time, they get clogged with debris and contaminated due to disuse. Sometimes, a dirty air filter can cause critical issues and render the furnace useless. You can remove the filters and give them a thorough wash. If you feel that the filter has become too old, replace it. Check your air filters regularly to avoid several issues like poor air quality and improper airflow.
  3. Thermostat
    Verify whether the setting in your thermostat is set to “heat”. After ensuring this, set your thermostat to a temperature at least a few degrees higher than the room temperature. You should also check the batteries – they might be old. Replace them and set the temperature. If the problem is still not solved, call a heating contractor in Vista and ask them to inspect your system.
  4. Pilot light and flame
    Check your furnace’s flame now. A healthy flame will be mostly blue with a tinge of yellow on its top. If the flame is discolored, you should contact a technician immediately, do not wait for any mishaps to happen.
    If the flame is out, then reignite it. For safety purposes, please consult the user’s manual and work on lighting it. In case you smell any gas, put off the flame and turn off the furnace. There might be a leak, so only a professional can take a look at it.

For a furnace to function efficiently, it needs regular maintenance – without a tune-up now and then, the system might not come in handy during an emergency. Give us a call at (760) 389-3353Encinitas heating repair is made easy with us! You can also drop a mail at

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