How To Cool Your House When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working?

How can you maintain your cool when the outside temperature and humidity are so high and your air conditioner is not functioning? Even if you pay close attention to the maintenance of your HVAC system, your AC could fail at any time and require air conditioning repair in Encinitas.
There are certain things you can check yourself before hiring an HVAC specialist if your air conditioner is not producing cool air. You will likely need to wait for their arrival if the temperature is too high. 

Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool If The Air Conditioner Stops Working.

Utilizing Fans

If you do not have access to air conditioning during the summer, using a fan is a good way to maintain cool air in the room. The wind chill effect decreases your perceived temperature by around four degrees.

If you have a ceiling fan, use it to reduce your utility costs. Remember to turn off the fan before leaving the room. Ultimately, the windchill effect is only efficient at cooling the people in the room; it does not reduce the room’s temperature overall. 

Bring Down The Blinds

Most individuals believe that natural lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home. Unfortunately, the greenhouse effect is created by the sun’s rays entering your home through the windows. Your home’s temperature will continue to increase for the remainder of the day, with no relief in sight.


As with insulation, weather stripping is commonly thought of as a winter measure; nevertheless, it is also advantageous in the summer since it stops cool air from escaping via doors and windows.

Weather-stripping is easy to apply and does not require much time; you can weather-strip the area surrounding a door in about a quarter of an hour. 

Be Sure to Stay Hydrated

We frequently ignore the necessity of ingesting cold drinks, namely water, in keeping a low core temperature, even though it may sound obvious.

Maintain your body’s hydration by drinking water throughout the day. You could also wrap a wet towel around your neck or head and keep it there. 

Abstain From Using The Oven and Stove

Stoves and ovens produce unnecessary heat for the home when you’re attempting to avoid overheating. The fans are designed to transfer hot air from the batteries and hard drives but instead drive that air into your home.


Keeping comfortable while your air conditioner is being fixed is possible if you follow the recommendations in this article. Contact Precision Air Inc anytime you require air conditioning repair in Encinitas, and we will immediately fix the issues. We have the best HVAC technicians, skilled and trained in all HVAC repairs and maintenance. Contact us today.

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