How Do You Prepare Your Furnace for Winter?

Your furnace must be functional, energy-efficient, and safe to use before the arrival of winter. You do not want to turn on your system during the cold weather only to discover it is not functioning efficiently. It is necessary to follow a few steps to prepare the appliance for the winter season.

Contact our HVAC repair expert in Encinitas for inspection, and our Precision Air Inc. technicians can help you.

Tips to Prepare Your Furnace For Winter!

Here is a breakdown of a few tips on preparing your furnace beforehand to keep your house warm during winter:
  • Schedule Furnace Maintenance

The furnace installation and service companies may remain busy during the onset of cold weather. The best time to schedule an appointment is during autumn. Our HVAC contractor in Vista will check the system for any repair or maintenance.

Hire professional services to clean and service your furnace and other appliances to save money. Our technicians also guarantee that the system will work efficiently for a longer time.

  • Change The Furnace Filter

Most furnaces have air filters installed behind the vent grills of the walls or the ceiling. A few appliances may also operate with a single filter. The air filters often get clogged because of excess dust particles or debris. Check and change the filters every three months to ensure system efficiency and increase lifespan.

  • Check The Thermostat’s Temperature

Contact our HVAC repair expert in Encinitas to check whether your thermostat is in good condition or needs repair. You can also check the thermostat’s temperature by switching it from heat to cold and vice versa. Try to set the temperature a few degrees higher than the preset room temperature. The furnace or the thermostat may need repair if it does not work according to the changes.

  • Check The Furnace Chimney

Check for any obstructions in the furnace’s chimney, such as dust particles, bird nests, or debris that may have accumulated over time. Chimney obstructions may also lead to fire hazards. Call a professional to clean the chimney and your furnace.

  • Oil The Components in The Blower Assembly

The furnace blower plays a significant role in the effectiveness and efficiency of the heating system. You must oil the appliance before the winter arrives to help improve its overall performance and prevent unwanted noises that may disrupt your environment.

Consult our HVAC repair expert in Encinitas if you do not know how to oil the furnace blower or identify the sources behind the constant noises.

  • Inspect The Heat Exchanger

Check and clean your furnace’s heat exchanger to ensure the system is functioning efficiently. Brush and vacuum the appliance regularly. Cracks in the heat exchanger can be dangerous because they can lead to carbon monoxide leakage inside your residence. That is why you must seek help from our professional to check and replace the appliance because repairing a damaged heat exchanger is expensive.


If you are looking for a professional and reliable heating contractor in Vista, Precision Air Inc. technicians can help you. Our expert technician will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time to deliver the required HVAC services. Call (760) 389-3353 to schedule a furnace maintenance service!

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