How Do You Know If Your AC Capacitor Is Bad?

If you live in California and own an air conditioning system, it is essential to keep it running smoothly, especially during the hot summer. However, sometimes your air conditioning system may malfunction, making you uncomfortable and frustrated. In such cases, it’s important to have a reliable air conditioning repair service on call. Precision Air Inc is here to provide you with the best AC repair in Vista.Our team of experts has the necessary skills and tools to diagnose and fix all AC problems, including a bad AC capacitor. Keep reading to learn how to detect a failing capacitor and why you should choose Precision Air Inc for your AC repair needs.

What is an AC Capacitor?

An AC capacitor is a component of an air conditioning system that stores electrical energy. It helps your AC unit’s motor to start and run efficiently by providing the necessary electrical charge. Without a functional capacitor, your air conditioner won’t function correctly, and your home won’t cool down.

Signs of a Bad AC Capacitor

  • AC System Won’t Start

One of the most common signs of a bad AC capacitor is when your AC system won’t start. If you turn on your air conditioning system and don’t hear any sound, it may indicate that the capacitor isn’t functioning correctly.

  • Weak Airflow

Another sign of a bad AC capacitor is weak airflow. If your AC system is blowing out air but isn’t as strong as it should be, it may be a sign that the capacitor is failing.

  • AC System Shuts Off

If your AC system starts and shuts off after a few seconds or minutes, it’s another indication that your AC capacitor is failing. The system automatically shuts off when the capacitor can’t provide the necessary charge to avoid further damage.

  • Humming Sound

If you hear a humming sound coming from your AC system, it may be due to a failing capacitor. A bad capacitor can cause the motor to overheat, which results in a humming sound.

  • Leaking Capacitor

If you notice any leakage from your AC system, it signals that the capacitor is failing. Leakage may occur due to corrosion resulting from a damaged capacitor.

If you suspect your AC capacitor is failing, it’s essential to call Precision Air Inc for air conditioning repair service in Vista, CA. Ignoring the issue can further damage your AC system, which may cost you more in the long run.

Call Us To Schedule Your AC Diagnosis

At Precision Air Inc, we understand how frustrating it can be when your AC system isn’t functioning correctly. That’s why we offer AC repair services in Vista, CA. If you suspect a bad AC capacitor or any other issue with your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule a diagnosis. Our team will inspect your system, diagnose the problem, and provide a fast and effective solution to get your air conditioning system up and running again. Contact us today to experience our top-notch AC repair service.

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