How Do You Fix A Furnace That Is Not Heating?

During cold winter weather, a furnace is necessary for comfort. For better effectiveness and efficiency, furnaces require regular professional tune-ups and maintenance by a trained HVAC repair service. Contact Precision Air Inc for premium heating services in Encinitas and the surrounding areas.

There is a possibility that furnaces can break down and develop problems sometimes. Before calling our professionals if your furnace is acting up or isn’t turning up, try troubleshooting the furnace unit.

What Should You Do If Your Furnace Does Not Heat?

Check The Furnace Filter

Your first step should be to check your air filter. Dirt accumulates on furnace filters over time. Dust and dirt can clog the furnace filter quickly, causing poor airflow, a decrease in indoor air quality, and even preventing the furnace from turning on in some situations.

In addition, excessive dust and dirt can lead to fire hazards and premature breakdowns. Be sure to turn the thermostat off and the furnace switch off before working on the furnace. It is advised that you change the filters every 30 days. Ensure that the access panel is secured. 

The Thermostat Needs To Be Checked

The thermostat needs a check after your furnace filter has been cleaned and installed properly. The temperature should be at least 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature. Make sure the heater is set to heat mode. Batteries should be replaced if necessary.

A gentle dusting may be necessary for electromechanical thermostats. Ensure that your home’s temperature does not fluctuate due to sunlight, lamps, ovens, or any other heat source. 

Check The Pilot Light and Gas Valve

If the furnace flame goes out, you need to relight it. Getting the pilot backup is possible with the help of your owner’s manual, but you should be extra careful and follow instructions carefully.

Before relighting the pilot, turn off the gas for about 10-15 minutes. Keep your distance if you smell any gas. During a leak, you should evacuate your house immediately and call a professional technician while staying a safe distance from the house.  

Keep an Open and Unblocked Vent System

Sometimes your furnace runs, but your rooms do not receive the right amount of heat or airflow. Ensure all the vents and ducts are unclogged. Ideally, they should all be fully open and free from obstructions.

The airflow should not be restricted by rugs, furniture, or anything else. As a result of blocked vents, you can experience uncomfortable temperatures worsened by excessive air pressure and premature furnace breakdowns. It is not advisable to close off vents in unused rooms. It may cost you money and will cause the furnace more problems over time. 


You can keep your furnace working during the winter by having it inspected by one of our professionals performing heating repair service in Vista before the cold weather hits.

If you’ve tried every method and technique to fix your system and your furnace is still not working, contact Precision Air Inc. to speak with a licensed technician. Our expert technicians will help you with your issues. Call (760) 389-3353 to schedule an appointment. 

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