Does AC Tune-Up Include Cleaning?

It is the worst feeling if an AC breaks down in the middle of the summer season. An air conditioning tune-up service can stop this nightmare from turning into reality.

What is An AC Tune-Up Service?

An AC tune-up service focuses on inspection, cleaning, and servicing the HVAC unit. If any issues are found during the inspection phase, the Encinitas air conditioning repair technician will resolve those issues as a part of the service.

What are the Steps Carried Out in AC Tune-Up Service?

An air conditioning installation technician ensures that all these steps are accurately performed. Here is the list of things that a technician mainly focuses on during a tune-up service:

  • Extensive cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Examining the blower motor and blower belt condition for appropriate working.
  • Oiling of operating parts for the smooth working of the unit.
  • Assessing the coolant levels to help the system operate with better efficiency.
  • Inspection of working of thermostat operations.
  • Checking the electrical connections and tightening the mechanical bolts in the unit.
  • Cleaning the system from the inside and the air filter to clean circulation air inside the residence.
  • Scanning the outdoor unit, duct system, and ventilation system for leakage or other issues.

What Benefits Do You Get From The AC Tune-Up Service?

An AC tune-up service may cost around $25 -$85, but the returns of the service are greater than the amount you spend.

According to our Encinitas air conditioning repair experts, the following are the benefits that avail of an AC tune-up service:

  • Increased Life of The HVAC System

If you spend money on the maintenance of the system, you are increasing the life shell of your household unit. According to our air conditioning installation expert in Vista, the more you spend on keeping the system fit and healthy, the less you have to spend on future repairing issues. Moreover, you can get a decent return value when you replace it with another system.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

The electricity bills increase because the unit has to work harder to provide efficient services. Due to lubrication, the components will glide smoothly and lessen the unit’s workload. The energy intake simultaneously decreases, and so does the electricity bill.

  • Comfortable Environment

After the tune-up service, the unit will make less noise. It will give you a calm and quiet environment for working and sleeping in your house. Also, the cleaning will help in the movement of clean air.

  • Enhanced Cooling Services

The technician will dial up the services to deliver improved benefits. The room will quickly cool up, and it will work perfectly for the whole summer. If there are any problems related to the short cooling cycle, improper cooling in all corners of the room, mention it to the technician during the inspection. The technician will make the necessary repairs to solve the issue.

Precision Air Inc offers high-quality and professional AC tune-up services for customers living in Vistas, Encinitas, and surrounding areas. With NATE accredited technicians and being certified by BBB as the number one HVAC company in the locality, you trust us to provide reliable services. Call Precision Air Inc HVAC center at (760) 389-3353 for more details!

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