Common HVAC Problems You Might Face This Winter

During the sweltering summer season, your HVAC system remains in charge of cooling down your place. Similarly, it can help you stay warm and cozy during the frigid weather. Hence it might not be wrong to say that your heating and cooling system allows you and your family to live in a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the season.

However, due to running continuously across all seasons, an HVAC system can undergo various issues that, if overlooked, can lead to significant breakdowns and costly HVAC repair in Encinitas. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every homeowner to remain informed of some prevalent HVAC problems to identify them early and avoid severe issues.

What Are Some Common HVAC Problems Faced During Winter?

Listed below are some common issues your HVAC unit might undergo during the winter season:

  • Frozen Furnace Pipes

If you don’t have your heating system working as the cold sets in, the water in it can freeze. Also, frozen pipes are a relatively typical problem for homeowners residing in colder climates.

The types of heating systems that can encounter frozen pipes are boiler systems that use water to create vapour to heat your home. Moreover, to avoid line bursting, turn off your home’s water supply and contact professionals for heating repair in Encinitas immediately. I

  • nconsistent Temperatures

Inconsistent circulation throughout your home is another major HVAC problem. While checking for faulty window and doorway insulation should be your first step, it may not always solve the problem. In these circumstances, you’ll need to have the room’s ducting and vents checked for debris that’s obstructing the ventilation system.

  • Problems With Heat Pumps

If you have a heat pump system fitted in your home, you must remain especially cautious during the winters as in the cold weather, the coils and fans in your HVAC can freeze.

While many modern furnaces nowadays have an automatic defrosting feature that prevents frost build-up, if your system doesn’t have this setting, you’ll have to clear the ice build-up manually for it to function accurately.

  • Blocked Air Filters

Filters get installed in ductwork-based heating systems in your home. These HVAC air filters catch allergens and trash floating about in your home’s air. When these filters become clogged with dust, grime, and debris, the air circulation in your home can get severely reduced.

It implies that less hot air will be delivered to your rooms, making your system appear to be malfunctioning. Hence it is prudent to get your air filters replaced or cleaned regularly.

  • Pilot Light Issues

Pilot lights are used in some conventional central heating systems. It’s possible that if these pilot lights don’t get fully ignited, the remainder of your system will fail. Cleaning the sensor should assist in resolving the issue. If not, you’ll need to hire an HVAC technician to fix the problem with your pilot light.

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