Can You Use Vinegar To Clean AC Coils?

With the arrival of the humid summer season in Vista, an air conditioning unit is one of the essential elements of every household. While an air conditioning unit offers excellent benefits, you must schedule routine service to optimize your machine. Cleaning air conditioning coils will ensure that the machine runs smoothly, has an extended life, and requires less air conditioning repair in Vista.

With time, the air conditioner’s wires can extricate dust particles and debris from the air, causing the air conditioning unit to clog. It is imperative to examine and maintain your air conditioner regularly. The best part about air conditioner maintenance is that you don’t need to buy expensive cleaners or sprays. All you need is something inexpensive, commonly found in almost every kitchen -vinegar!

Can You Use Vinegar to Clean the Coils of Your Air Conditioner?

Yes, in a nutshell, you can use vinegar to wash the air conditioning unit coils because it is the best DIY cleaning solution for this purpose. Furthermore, you can also combine white vinegar and plain tap water to make it cleaner.

Fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar and plain water in a 1:1 ratio and shake the bottle to combine everything perfectly. This solution can assist you in cleaning the coils efficiently and without difficulty.

If you look at the air conditioning unit coils after a few quarters without cleaning, you will notice a layer of smoke and dust that can be seen with the naked eye. Using vinegar every few months will assist you in removing all of the bacteria and dust particles. If you feel oil while touching the coils, you can try another solution. Likewise, you can create a mixture of water, vinegar, and a spoonful of baking soda or use a mild dishwasher or washing powder for more effective and thorough cleaning.

How Often Should Vinegar Be Put in Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Various heating and cooling experts recommend that you wash your air conditioner with vinegar at least once a month. Washing the air conditioner with vinegar will remove any dust, bacteria, algae, or other particles that may cause the air conditioner to clog. Moreover, using vinegar once a month removes dirt from the coils and protects the air conditioner from many other main problems. The most prevalent cause of poor air conditioning achievement is a layer of dust on the winding and drain.

Clogging prevents the air conditioning unit from proficiently extracting air and performing other functions. Most people hire a professional team, which may charge a high fee, but if you know the root cause of the issue, you can fix it yourself for a low cost and in a short period.

To summarize, we can infer that all you need are some common kitchen ingredients and a few minutes of your time to keep your air conditioning coils running smoothly. However, if you still face issues with your air conditioning device, it is better to call our professionals at Precision Air for your AC repair in Vista. To know more, call us at 760-389-3353 or drop us a line at

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