AC Installation In San Diego, CA

AC Installation In San Diego

Southern California’s relentless summer heat calls for reliable and efficient ac installation. For the last decade, Precision AC has proudly offered free San Diego ac installation estimates, installation services, and repairs to clients year round. We can recommend the right air conditioning system for your property and deliver an effective ac installation to keep you cool, even on the longest summer days. Call us today to get a free estimate and determine the best air conditioning system for your budget.

Our Process for Ac Installation

AC Installation In San DiegoThe first step in any ac install is to identify the correct ac system for your needs. Our experienced team will schedule a free estimate at your property to confirm the best size and type of ac install for fast and cost-effective cooling. The Precision AC team will come on site to your property and assess any current ac systems you have in place, including existing ductwork and roof access.

We’ll talk to you about your current energy bill, your usage patterns, any air conditioning features you’re interested in, your budget, and your property’s heat-gain calculation. Once we’ve identified the right system and your price point, our friendly team will schedule on-site visits, handle ordering, and make any administrative considerations needed before the ac install. On installation day, our team will arrive on time and prepared for the job. Post installation, we will follow up with you to ensure your system is functioning as intended, and be on site to deal with any questions or issues that arise.

Heat-Gain Calculations for AC Installs

At Precision AC, we conduct a thorough heat-gain study to determine your property’s specific ac installation needs. First, we look at the size of your home, then we use an industry-standardized formula to determine its “heat-gain”, or, how much heat your property takes on in a typical day. We’ll take into account the size of your home, the presence and type of insulation in the structure, the location and size of windows and doors, and how much sun your property sees in a typical day. We’ll also consider factors like your local climate, elevation, and temperature preferences. Finally, we’ll discuss your energy budget, and look at options that makes sense for your financial investment. After completing this analysis, our team will recommend an ac installation plan to get you cool in no time.

Installation Options

There are several options available when it comes to ac installation. The latest generation of air conditioning systems are more environmentally and budget-friendly than ever. The first major consideration is determining if you can use existing ducts in the property, or if you will need new ducts installed. In addition, we can explore ductless options and other more cost-effective solutions. Precision AC can install split systems, heat pumps, ductless ac systems, window units and more.

AC Split Systems

Most central ac installations are split systems. This design uses a condenser coil system to evaporate water, removing heat and moisture from the surrounding air. Heat is then transferred to a condenser outside of the property, and ducts and fans blow cool air back into the home. Typically, we can easily install these ducts through the walls and ceilings of your home with minimal construction or visual impact. In many cases, we can hide the pipes in closets and other easily accessible areas. We can install the condenser unit outside of the property in a service yard or other unnoticeable area, and the rest of the components like the fan and coil will be secured inside. Not only does this system created highly effective air conditioning, but it is also ideal for delivering heating into the property during the colder months.

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump system is another option that may be available depending upon the type of climate you live in. During the warmer months, this system pumps heat from the interior of the house and transfers it outside of the home. Conversely, in the colder months, it can take heat from the outside and transfer back in to warm the home. This is a good option for moderate climates but isn’t ideal for areas that deal with freezing temperatures during the winter.

Ductless AC Systems

If your property does not have ducts, a ductless mini-split system could be a good solution. This ac installation option uses both an outdoor compressor and indoor mounted fan units. These mounted units blow cool air into the home and can be connected via tubes that also circulate coolant throughout the system. Ductless mini-split systems can be used to efficiently cool individual rooms or divided areas of the property. This is a cost-effective option that is great for anyone looking to cool a child’s room, office, or bedroom but does not want to open up the walls to install ducts. Contact us today to see if this option might work for you.

Single Unit AC

Single unit air conditioning systems are another cost-effective solution worth looking into. Although they are not ideal for consistently cooling a large property, they do offer a simple and quick way to deliver cold air into the home. Single unit ac systems combine an evaporator, condenser, and compressor into one wall-powered unit. The unit can be placed outside the home or mounted on the roof. In this installation, we can run ducts from the unit into the ceiling or wall. The ducts blow the cool air into the home and push the warm air outside. When installed by a professional, this type of system can also be easily converted to provide heat to the property. Just make sure to consult our team to ensure that you purchase the right size unit for your home.

Window AC Units

Many people are familiar with the window-mounted ac units found in home improvement stores around the nation. While these can be easily installed in a weekend, we do recommend consulting with a professional ac installation company before committing to the approach. Factors like window size, type of unit, and energy efficiency can all influence how well the window ac installation works. AC window units can be a good option for a fast fix, but in the long run, it may be more effective to invest in a mini ductless system or a full ac install for your property.

Energy Efficient AC

Professional AC Installation teams use the SEER calculation to determine the efficiency of the property. The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is based on how much energy your ac system use to cool a home. It’s calculated by looking at the total cooling output of the system over the warm season, and dividing that by the total amount of energy used in that period. The SEER calculation also factors in things like humidity and any extreme outside temperatures. In addition, we look at a measure called EER, or, Energy Efficiency Ratio. The EER offer a less comprehensive look at the unit’s efficiency, measuring the capacity of the system per hour of running, divided by the energy consumption in watts. By combining both SEER and EER, we are able to get a very strong look at how efficient your ac installation is.

When to Book an AC Installation

In Southern California, ac installations can easily be conducted nearly all year round. The colder months, like fall or winter, can be a great time to plan your ac installation. Since you typically won’t be relying on your ac on a day-to-day basis, you’ll have time to research different systems, get estimates, and discuss your needs with your ac install team. In addition, you may be able to get a good deal on your ac installation and equipment. Spring or Summer can also be a great time to plan your ac installation. The latest and most energy efficient models will be available for purchase at this time of year, with manufacturers ready to put their newest technology on the market. In addition, ac installation at this time of year will provide a strong insight on the heating patterns of your property, and you’ll be able to more realistically assess how much ac your property truly needs to remain comfortable. Furthermore, the spring and summer weather is typically dry in Southern California, which eliminates any potential installation issues due to rain or condensation.

Preparing for your Installation

Luckily, Precision AC will do most of the work for you, but there are a few things you can do to make sure the process runs smoothly. Once you’ve decided on the right ac installation for your home and the time of year you’d like to start, it’s time to prep for your ac install. First, clean your property and remove any items obstructing the installation site. There’s no need to be present during the entire installation, but it’s a good idea to be on site when the team arrives to provide access to any areas they’ll need to get into and check the for functionality. Depending upon the size and type of ac installation you book, the team should be able to finish the process in a short time. They will conduct several tests to ensure that the system is running correctly, and may even return to the site at a later point in time to check in to make sure everything is performing as best as possible.

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