5 Ways to Ensure Your Furnace is More Efficient and Less Costly

Energy costs can rise and your finances could suffer due to extreme winter temperatures. The good news is that simple fixes can lessen some of the expenses associated with heating costs.

As a professional company with many years of experience, we have learned a lot of tricks to lessen costs during heating services in Encinitas. We’ve included our best insider advice on lowering energy prices below to help you save a tonne on heating expenditures.

Tips to Ensure Your Furnace Works Efficiently!

Here are a few ways to make sure the furnace works more efficiently and to avoid furnace repairs in Encinitas:

  • Make Use of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of our favorite heating cost-cutting strategies. If there are ceiling fans in the home, it is best to utilize them all year round to move the air. Run fans anti-clockwise in the winter to lift the air in the room and push warm air below. It is often the case, but certain fans might be exceptions.

  • Take Care of Your Furnace

We have been assessing the effectiveness of home heating for several years; the efficiency depends on how well the heating system is maintained. It is better to schedule an annual heating service in Encinitas to ensure it runs in good condition.

It is best to think about installing glass doors to keep the heat inside your house rather than escaping down the chimney.

  • Let The Sun Come In

We have seen that homes can be warmed by the sun even on the coldest days of the year. It is advisable to open the blinds to let the sun naturally warm the air and illuminate the space. Close those drapes and blinds to keep the heat in as the sun goes down.

  • Limit The Use of Exhaust Fans

In addition to removing warm air from the home, exhaust fans can produce negative pressure, which could cause backdrafts from the furnace, walls, windows, and even uncovered outlets. We think it’s preferable to use exhaust fans sparingly and reduce the heat; that could be one way to conserve the heat within your home.

  • Replace The Air Filter

It is better to replace the air filter at the beginning of the winter to ensure problems related to airflow do not cause any disturbance. Moreover, it is better to clean the air filter weekly and remove all the accumulated dust. A clogged air filter can cause issues that require our professional furnace service in Encinitas.

  • Keep Up With Your HVAC System

As per our experience, routine maintenance ensures that the heating system operates at maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs and increasing the HVAC system’s lifespan. We suggest adhering to a yearly inspection schedule to keep everything operating smoothly.

Remove any dirt, ensure the vents are clear and open, change the furnace filter frequently during the winter, and clean the blowers as a part of regular maintenance


The greatest approach to reducing the home’s heating bills is to keep the furnace in good working order with regular maintenance and meticulous cleaning.

You can contact Precision Air Inc. at (760) 389-3353 to arrange routine heating service in Encinitas. We are available 24×7 during the winter to keep your home comfortable!

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