5 Expert Furnace Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know

A furnace is essential for survival and comfort during the winter season. The appliance may need a professional tune-up to keep running efficiently.

However, furnaces may break down despite proper maintenance and develop problems that can hamper their regular functionalities.
You should know and understand a few tips if the furnace acts up or refuses to switch on. If you require a professional heating repair expert in Vistas, Precision Air Inc. can help you.

Experts Suggest A Few Troubleshooting Tips To Fix Your Furnace!

Here is a breakdown of the five expert furnace troubleshooting tips you need to know:

  • Check The Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is on and working to check the furnace system. Switch the settings to the heat setting and set it above the room temperature.

Set the fan to auto mode to let the air circulate inside to check whether the temperature changes accordingly. Check the electrical unit or the batteries in the system, depending on the thermostat installed in your house.

You should switch the thermostat on and off and flip the furnace before you conduct any work on the system.

  • Inspect The Circuit Breaker

A faulty circuit breaker may disrupt your furnace’s functioning. There may be a possibility that the switch gets stuck, which may lead to system disruptions. You can resolve the issue by turning off the circuit breaker. Try flipping the switch back over before checking if it gets switched on again.

However, if it does not resolve the problem, there may be an issue with the wiring or the circuit. In such cases, contact us for heating repair professional in Vista immediately.

  • Change The Air Filter

A clogged air filter may be the reason behind the furnace malfunctioning. Pollutants and airborne particles may accumulate inside the filter over time.

The filter becomes inefficient and may affect the furnace system’s functionalities. Find out where the air filter is located and replace it if it is dirty and if there are airflow issues or inadequate heat.

  • Check The Fuel Connection

If you have a furnace that functions on gas, you must check whether the gas line is open. You can inspect the line from the appliance’s main unit. There may be the chance of a gas leak if you experience a foul odor in the system.

If you reside in the area, contact our Encinitas heating repair service for an emergency furnace repair and evacuate your home until the problems get resolved.

  • Clean The Unit

The area around a furnace may become a safety hazard for you and your family if you do not properly clean or maintain it. Remove all flammable substances and materials from the nearby areas to prevent fire. Remove any debris and vacuum the system regularly to prevent blockage.

Give your furnace at least two feet of space and regularly clean the area around it.


If these troubleshooting tips don’t come in handy, it is best to let an expert technician look at your furnace and repair the issue.

If you live in Encinitas and are looking for an expert heating repair professional for your furnace, Precision Air Inc. technicians can help you. Our experts will resolve all your furnace problems and keep your furnace in up-to-date condition. Call (760) 389-3353 and schedule a service with our heating repair expert.

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