5 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

An air conditioner unit is a complex unit. Every part and unit is connected. You won’t even know something is wrong until you start to notice some noticeable changes. There are plenty of reasons causing damage to your AC unit. Some issues are severe and complex that are difficult to notice. If you think your AC unit is going through something wrong, do call for service.
Some problems are easy to notice; such problems can be solved; with no professional help. If you do not get your AC unit serviced after 1-2 months, it will face some issues.AC repair and service costs a lot. So, make sure you have some knowledge regarding your unit. Do clean them and get service from time to time.

Top 5 Air conditioning problems with solutions


  1. Air conditioner is not turning onIf your AC unit is not turning on, check for the thermostat. Check the batteries first. If those batteries are dead, change them. Still not working? Check the setting. Keep it cool and change; the temperature if it’s not accordingly. If; it remains the same check: for the circuit. Switch it off for a while and then turn it on.

  2. Refrigerant leak
    When the refrigerant starts to leak, your AC unit will stop working efficiently; The temperature will change. Refrigerant leaks can result in:

    • Uneven cooling
    • Coil freezing
    • Low efficiency
    • Damaged compressor
    • High Power consumptionIf something like this happens, do call the HVAC contractor directly for service

  3. The air conditioner stopped blowing cool air
    The AC unit will stop blowing cool air if the filters are blocked and filled with dirt. A dirty filter will further freeze the compressors and decrease the limit of cooling the home. You can clean the filters from time to time. Also, get your air filters changed every month. It will give you cool air every day. 

  4. Air conditioner making strange noises
    There are various reasons for your AC unit to make strange noises. These noises depend on the kind of problem you are dealing with. The reason why your AC unit is creating weird noises:

    • Damaged electrical components creating a buzzing sound
    • Banging noises when there is an issue with the blower or motor
    • A refrigerant leak can create a hissing sound
    • Weird sound when turning on or off your system; It might be a relay issue.All these problems can get away with one call. Contact for AC repair in Vista.

  5. Evaporator coil freezes
    Frozen evaporator coil happens when your AC unit does not get sufficient air needed for the operation. A frozen coil can freeze up your unit and may stop working. To solve this problem, look if there is any dirt clogged. Get it clean. And if the problem continues, do call your HVAC contractor for repair.
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