4 Warning Signs That Your Furnace Is Broken

It is easy to tell when your furnace needs to be changed while looking at warning signs. Once detected, you can work it on your own.  However, even when fixed on your own often times, furnaces act weird and need professional care. In such cases, it is best to opt for technicians to perform the job.

Warning Signs That Your Furnace is Broken

Let us look at warning signs that mean you might need a new furnace.

1. Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Keeps Alerting

The first thing to observe in this is whether your furnace is making any kind of leakage. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off even once, you should immediately take action and turn off the heat and open your windows.

Since carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, it is difficult to detect without detectors in our home, as you would not know there was a problem until you felt the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. The effect of which can cause headaches and nausea. 

2. When The House is Not Warm Enough

If your house is not warm enough, you may have a problem with the furnace heater. It is usually a sign that something is worn out or not working quite right. The reason could be that the blower is just making it or the belt is about to break. 

When the heater occasionally blows cold air, it is a sign that heat is backing up into the system. Somewhere along the line, the warmth is not able to circulate enough. The occurrence of this means that the inner workings of the system overheat. 

The system sends a blast of cold air to regulate things during such a situation. But, when that happens frequently, the stress from the sudden temperature swings can weaken and crack the components. Take help of professionals for heating service in Encinitas.

3. Your Heating Bill Suddenly Goes Up

The sudden rise is a sign that the system is working harder than it needs to, and it is also a sign that you need to take action. 

If the change collides with weaker heating or even the same amount of climate control, it is a cause for concern. Of course, this can be a little tricky to spot with a monthly bill. That’s where newer HVAC technology comes in handy.

4. Your Furnace Makes Banging or Gurgling Noises

Banging noise from a heating system is usually a sign that something is broken or has otherwise come loose. Sometimes, you will also hear a belt slapping against an inner component or a squeal if it is frayed but still working.

Any banging, scratching, squealing, or rattling from your unit means it is worth betting it looked at. You want to catch a problem before it gets worse.

It is advisable to get in touch with an HVAC company if your furnace makes banging or gurgling noises. For professional heating repair in Encinitas, contact Precision Air Inc. Call us at (760) 389-3353 and get the necessary services done precisely.

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