Heating Up: 7 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

The furnace is the appliance that most of us rely on when the weather starts getting cold. But we tend to ignore it in the other months, which counts for almost half a year, increasing the chances of decreased efficiency. Your furnace could build up some issues during this time without you even realizing it. These issues can be corrected if you tune up your furnace before the peak of the winter season by reading the signs that indicate it needs Encinitas heating repair.

Here are some of the signs which show that your furnace needs repair:

  1. Abnormal furnace smells:
    If you notice a strong smell of fuel around the unit and the smell doesn’t disappear in a bit, then you may have a furnace problem. A gas leak or excessive dust inside the unit can cause this problem.
  2. It produces inadequate heat:
    You need to get your system repaired if the furnace isn’t producing adequate heat regardless of the thermostat settings. The reason for this issue could be leaking ductwork and faulty thermostats.
  3. It has a discolored pilot light:
    A healthy pilot light appears blue. If you see a yellow light, then there must be a ventilation problem. Gases like carbon monoxide won’t dissipate as they should, which can cause health problems to you and your family.
  4. It produces poor air:
    The furnace directly affects the air quality of your home. A system that isn’t serviced regularly is likely to release bacteria, dirt, and other harmful particles along with heat. This can lead to health problems like cough, cold, itchiness, headache, etc. Replacing or cleaning the air filter can resolve this issue. If the issue continues, then the ductwork and unit need to be cleaned by a technician.
  5. The carbon-monoxide detector isn’t working as it should:
    Furnaces are equipped with a carbon monoxide detector that detects the presence of toxic gases. If the carbon monoxide detector is turned off, then quickly switch off your furnace and open the windows of your home for ventilation.
  6. It is making noises:
    Every furnace makes minimal noise under normal circumstances. Loud noises from your furnace indicate that there is some problem. When the furnace makes squealing and whistling noises, the issue can be related to the belt or fan. Banging or groaning noises can be caused due to broken and improper arrangement of internal components.
  7. It needs regular restarts:
    Your furnace needs to be repaired if it has to be restarted time and again. The reason for this issue could be due to disconnected wiring or damaged thermostats. The affected part must be replaced to resolve the issue. You need to consult a technician if you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your furnace. Also, remember to regularly service and tune up your system to avoid these issues.

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